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Rank Up / Down Team Summary
1 Jorge Bells The Bells, baby. God dammit the Bells are back. What a start to the 2024 season for the Bells, sitting at 4-0 and leading the league in team average. Alex Waite is red hot hitting .750 with 6 home runs.
2 Kirk Gibsons The Gibsons have started the season 3-1 with their lone loss being an epic collapse versus the Kruks. Davson, Bell and Rios are all hitting over .700 and they lead the league in team home runs. They look to keep it rolling vs the Walkers this week.
3 Pete Roses 11 felt low in the preseason and holy shit was it ever. The Roses jump to number 3 as they start the season 4-0 with big wins over the Ozzies and Kruks. Great start for Mikey Warrington who is currently second in the league in WHIP and hitting .706. Huge game against the Guerreros this week.
4 John Kruks The Kruks stay at number 4 after a 3-1 start to the season. Down 16-2 to the Gibsons last week, they made a wild come back and walked it off. Andy Felice is having another great year at the dish and Bruce Boyle has 6 home runs.
5 Cecil Fielders The Fielders are steady once again. Finding the gaps, making the routine plays and leaning on skipper Rob Buntings dugout presence. The Wolfe Brothers bats are back, and they look to keep the winning going vs the Griffeys next week.
6 Torii Hunters The Hunters have showed up to start the season. The boys are 3-1 but with only a +5 run differential. Spencer Snow is off to a rocking start with 5 home runs and a .667 average. They play the Bells in two weeks for a chance to sit a top the AL standings.
7 Paul Molitors The Molitors have started slow. 2-2 with loses against the Fielders and Hunters. They have been missing serious depth in their line up but Wesley "Tuna" McDonald has stepped up, hitting .667 with 4 home runs.
8 Ozzie Smiths The Ozzies have come out of the gate slow with a pair of losses to the Gibsons and Roses. Mark Dugan's bat is as hot as ever with 6 home runs in 4 games. They look to get above .500 against the Johnsons then have a true gauntlet of a schedule in June.
9 Ken Griffey Jrs The Griffeys should probably be higher, but they come in at number 9. Feniak and Donley are both off to fantastic starts and if they can keep it up through the summer this will be a very deep Griffeys line up. They are 2-1 but have the Fielders, Molitors and Bells over the next three weeks. They look to leap up these rankings.
10 Barry Bondses The Bondses lost a close one to the Gibsons but put a beat down on the Guerreros and are currently sitting at 2-2 in a log jam in the NL. Joe Ciccia is off to a fantastic start, hitting .818 with 5 home runs. If you noticed a bat missing for a week, its due to Jamie Lekas telling white lies and taking advantage of an ump, we are watching the Bondses closely and hoping they Fly Eagle Fly.
11 Vladimir Guerreros The party boy Guerreros, music isn't as loud as the past, the limos aren't as frequent as they once were. Sitting at 2-2 with their two wins coming against the Johnsons and Walkers, Warfield is off fantastic start hitting .800 with 4 home runs. Mariani and Roebuck need to wake the hell up if they want to get back atop the NL. They go Roses, Ozzies, Kibsons in their next three, must wins if they thing a limo will fly this year.
12 Derek Jeters The Jeters have a win in May! Truly unbelievable! They sit at 1-3 with a big win over the Younts. Sean Wayne and Trevor Zoller start the year on fire and they look to get their second win vs the Hunters this week.
13 Dennis Eckersleys The Eckersleys have started 0-3 but against the top of the AL. They look to get a couple wins as they take on the Younts and Jeters in their next two. The bats need to get going as they are currently last in the league in team average.
14 Robin Younts The Younts are another of the winless teams. Miff is off to a great start hitting .615 with 3 home runs. They look to get a win against the winless Eckersleys this week.
15 Larry Walkers The Walkers start 0-4 but with a close lose to the Ozzies. Matt Burns is off to a roaring start. They look to get into the win against the Gibson's this week.
16 Randy Johnsons The Johnsons are still finding their groove. Brand new roster, with Jeremy Kelly and Fab Stella leading the way at the plate. Against the Bondses last week they had their first game were they did not give up a mercy inning. Even a gazelle walks before it runs.
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